The foundational Rebrand

Strengthen your brand and attract the right clients & customers

Build a brand that has a clear voice, serves the right audience, and makes people want to buy from you.

Your current situation

You started your business just a little before you were ready.

You’ve pivoted once or twice. You’ve changed your services up a few times. You've struggled with turning your personal IG into a business IG. You’ve redone your website once, or twice, or more.

It’s been a journey.

Now you’re clearer on what you want to be doing—and much clearer on some things you’re never going to do again! You’re ready to rebrand and clear up your message.

This time, you want to build a brand that really speaks to all that you can offer.

Truthfully though, you’re not sure if this is really a “rebrand” per-se, because, well…you wouldn’t say you’ve ever truly “branded” yourself in the first place.

Sure, you have a website and stuff, but you can’t really describe your brand. Not in a way that makes people understand who you are or what you do well enough to hand over all their credit cards to you.

You know that you have something special to offer your clients and customers, but you’re having a really hard time putting it into words that don’t sound cheesy or “all over the place”.

On top of that, it feels like there are a ton of other people who do the kind of work that you do, which is making it impossible to stand out.

Even charging lower prices than those people hasn’t gotten you as many clients as you’d like to have.

And—let’s keep it 100 right now—you’ve seen people whose work isn’t as good as yours get more shine than you get. It’s not about being jealous, but you’re really good at what you do and they’re just okay. Somehow they keep getting further than you.

Wanna know why?

It’s because they’ve made it their mission to stand out and you’ve made it your mission to be everything to everybody.

How’s that working for you?

Ask yourself this:

Have you ever gone on a date with someone who was really nice, easy enough to talk to, pretty much agreed with everything you said, but didn’t seem to say or do anything that you two could really bond over?

I bet that didn’t last.

That’s what your business is to people.

Nice enough.

Goes along with most things easily enough.

But really wasn’t made for them.

Congratulations! You’re the back-up, reliable, dime-a-dozen option that no one’s really excited about.

But we’re going to change that.

And we’re going to do it by offering fewer services to fewer people.

We’re going to make your life easier and we’re going to make your work more profitable.

Are you ready to change the foundation of your brand?

Because once you get a taste of what this life is like, there’s no going back.

Trying to be everything to everyone will make you nothing to anyone.

Anyone can be vague and offer general services to anyone willing to pay for them, but that won’t make you desirable. It will make you an option.

You want to be the only choice.

A little exclusivity will help the right people fall in love with what you’re offering them, because you won’t just be selling a product or service anymore, you’ll be selling an experience. If no one has told you yet, people are willing to pay more for experiences than they are for a product or service that someone else can offer them for less.

Meet The Foundational Rebrand

The Foundational Rebrand is an 8-session, 1-on-1 program designed to target and correct the areas of your brand that keep it from growing into a well-known, well-loved, and well-respected brand that people seek out and refer to their networks (even if they haven't worked with you).

In this 8-session program, we will restructure the core of your brand by strengthening the relevance of your services, identifying and attracting a more profitable and appreciative target audience, and clarifying your brand voice and presence so that you resonate more effectively with people who can afford your services.

Janelle Monae gif

By the end of this program you’ll be able to:

  • Comfortably and easily make more meaningful connections with clients and customers who pay what you want to be paid
  • Package your services so that they’re more valuable (so you can charge prices you’re thrilled about without doing more work) 
  • Sell without feeling salesy (and while keeping imposter syndrome at bay)
  • Create a seamless experience from the moment you meet a potential client through completing your services for them that makes them want to hire you again and again
  • Communicate with your audience naturally and effectively on social media and in person

Stop defending your prices!

Your product or service isn’t what sets you apart from your competition. Nope! It’s how you offer it and how effectively you communicate your services as a solution to an actual problem your customer has.

If you’ve ever had a hard time defending your price, or have ever gotten tripped up explaining why you’re the right person to solve your client’s or customer’s challenge, then you’ve already felt this huge problem. We’ll develop your brand so that people naturally understand it as the solution to the problem that your target audience has. Speaking of your target audience, we’re going to clarify who they are quick, fast, and in a hurry. No more “my service is for everyone” or “well, I think most people would benefit from what I do.

Nah. Speaking like that keeps you broke—and burnt out!

Understand This

Your product or service isn't the best option for everyone. And that's okay!

We’re going to get you selling to people who absolutely love the experience you have to offer. Let's stop chasing people who don't appreciate what you're doing.

There’s no point in trying to reach everyone and just hoping to get whatever they can give you. You want to focus on serving a specific group of people who are looking for you—with your skills and your personality—to come along and make their lives simpler and more pleasant.

They can’t find you because you’re trying to be everything to everybody (read: being generic) instead of being available to the people who instantly know you’re exactly what they need.

Once we find those people, we’re going to get your brand voice in order so that they hear you (and like hearing from you) and love how you say what you have to say. What good would it do to finally get in front of your dream clients only to start saying things that scare them away?

We’ve all done it before, we just don’t always know what it is we said that made a potential client ghost us. So, let’s nip that in the bud, shall we?

There is one downside to The Foundational Rebrand, though.

You’ll wish you had done all of this sooner.

Welcome to The Foundational Rebrand!

The Foundational Rebrand works in three phases that aim to take you from “one of many” to “the one”.

phase 1

Scaling Back

If you’re a solopreneur—or are the main person doing the bulk of the work for the people who pay you—you will run yourself ragged trying to sell everything under the sun.

We’re going to scale back your services so that you make the most money from doing the things you’re happiest about doing.

Don’t worry, we can offer more amazingness down the line, but right now we want to build a stable foundation that you and your brand can depend on and grow from.

More Money Less Problems gif
Stand Out gif

phase 2

Standing Out

You have skills and talents and a track record of success—so does everyone else with your same job title. So how do you become more than “just another ________”?

Or—even trickier—how do you get people to understand that you’re a singer/teacher/writer with a background in social justice who also has a blog about sneakers—and turn that into steady money?

Well, if I told you now I wouldn’t be able to charge you, would I?

In Phase 2, we’ll identify the themes in your background and turn them from random tidbits that confuse people about who you are and turn them into impressive qualities your customers respect because these things help you deliver great results.

phase 3

Becoming Exclusive

Say it with me: I am not everything to everybody. I am not generic. I am not the off-brand. I am not for everybody.

Get this: people need water to survive. Water is for just about everybody. Yet, I can name 10 water brands off the top of my head. EVEN WATER BRANDS KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY! (Yes, I’m yelling. Yes, I’m going to stop now.).

If you can understand how so many water brands can exist—and thrive—in the same market, you should understand you are not for everyone—even if you’re not clear on why yet.

So, let’s start celebrating (and charging for) how your special skills and your special way of doing things will be great for—and loved by—some people and will only be just “aight” to other people. Let’s focus on giving the right people the best possible experience they can have.

Cool Kids Only gif

How you’ll be killin’ the game by the time we finish The Foundational Rebrand

In our time together, you’ll be building a brand that expresses who you are, what you’re capable of, and that serves people so well that they want to tell the world about your work. You can look forward to winning in these key areas:

phase 1

Being one of a kind

You are not the same as anyone else and neither is your work.

You’ll stop competing with other people who do work that is similar to you and you’ll confidently stand apart from the “competition” because you’ll know how to position what you have to offer as more valuable than what everyone else is offering.

phase 1

Avoiding low-ball clients and gigs

Not all money is the right money for you.

Still, you’re afraid to turn potential clients down even when you know the work isn’t right or the money isn’t enough.

You’ll be ready to get potential clients to commit to higher prices, but—even better—you’ll be letting your brand keep you out of those situations in the first place.

phase 2

Spreading yourself thick

Because you’ll be doing less work for better clients, you’ll be able to deliver better work, take breaks (and get rest), and develop better relationships with your clients.

This is key to creating long-term relationships that pay you again and again (the best kind for your business).

phase 2

Getting more yeses

Listen, you’ve probably talked yourself out of an opportunity once or twice (or more). The worst part is, you may have done it by saying things you thought you were supposed to say—which means you might still be saying them.

When a potential client wants to work with you, they need you to make yourself an easy sell. But, don’t worry, you’ll be pretty good at this by the time we’re done.

phase 3

Doing more of what you love (and less of what you hate)

We all know that there’s work you like to do and then there’s work you have to do. What we don’t always realize is sometimes we screw ourselves into doing the work we don’t want to do when we don’t have to—yep, sometimes it’s your own fault.

You’ll be a pro at keeping yourself out of the doing-shit-I-hate cycle and into a groovy rhythm of doing the work that reminds you why you got into this in the first place.

The Foundational Rebrand is a one-on-one program

This isn't a course that you struggle through on your own. You and I will be working through your challenges that keep you from bringing in the right clients and customers. We will tackle specific challenges that you're having that hold you back and keep you playing small.

This is how you can successfully bring in more income while doing less work.

I guess it’s time I Introduce myself

Naya the Creative

I'm Naya the Creative, your guide through The Foundational Rebrand

Hi! I’m Naya. I am a Brand Therapist, international speaker, writer, all around creative, and lover of GIFs. I’ve been handling internationally acclaimed brands, household name brands, and niche brands, for over 10 years. I’m currently based in New York City.

My mission is to help you use your personality, passion, and personal experiences to materialize your ideal lifestyle via entrepreneurial success, career elevation, and/or personal development & fulfillment.


Are sessions in person?

Nope! Thanks to technology, we can have sessions virtually. You and I can speak on the phone, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Butter (most likely Butter).

How often will we meet?

You and I will meet weekly.

I'm new in my field, but I still I want to grow a strong brand. Can this help?

Yep! Skills and experience are transferable—if you know how to sell ’em. It would help if you at least know why you want to be in this field and have some sort of idea why you’d be good at the work you want to do.

I wouldn't exactly call myself a "business owner". Is this still for me?

The Foundational Rebrand is about strengthening a brand that needs people to buy from in. It’s less about you calling yourself a business owner or entrepreneur or creative or Jane-of-all-trades, and more about using your brand to make connections that pay you.

Is this going to help me with my Instagram / Facebook / Twitter?

Yep! The Foundational Rebrand will help strengthen your activity on your marketing platforms. Struggling with social media is generally due to not having a clear voice and brand and not knowing where you fit in on social media. Branding comes before marketing. When your brand is in order, marketing becomes a lot easier.

So, am I getting a new logo and website design, too?

Not quite. Your brand is not just your logo, website, or visual identity. Your brand is what people think, say, and feel about you. We’re going to work on your brand’s personality, voice, and strategy so that any design decisions you make in the future (say a new logo or website) will be appropriate and on brand.

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