The Career Rebrand

Rebrand your career & get the opportunities you really want!

Raise your profile, get a promotion, or move to a completely new field without moving down the ladder.

Your current situation

You have your eye on a new job title—and the raise that comes with it.

You keep applying for jobs, or waiting for a promotion, but you're not getting any offers. What gives?!

You know you have the skills. You know you have strong experience. And—if we’re honest—you’ve been doing work way above your pay-grade for some time now. But, somehow, you still haven’t been promoted or offered a job anywhere that pays more.

Hell, you might even be having a hard time just getting an interview.

Ready for the harsh truth? It’s not the world being mean to you. It’s not fate telling you it’s not your time (if it wasn’t your time, would you be reading this?).

The truth is: you’re just…not that impressive.

At least not on paper. Not on LinkedIn. Not in your applications. Not in your cover letters. Not in your interviews. You’re probably very impressive at work. You’re just not showing anyone how impressive you are where it actually counts.

Yeah, I said it.

Doing impressive work at your job isn’t enough to get ahead.

I said what I said

C’mon, you can’t tell me you don’t know anyone who sucked at their job and still got a promotion and a raise.

Killing it at your job is how you keep your job, not how you get a better one. No one knows that you’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to the job you want.

And it’s your own fault. But you can fix this.

Riddle me this: if a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Maybe. Probably.

OK, no, seriously. Riddle me this: if you’re a beast at your job and deserve a promotion, but no one’s talking about how great you are—including you—are you going to get promoted?

Nope. Sorry, playa.

Just ain’t gonna happen.


Killing it at your job is how you keep your job, not how you get a better one.

Your career’s brand—yes, your career has a brand—isn’t getting you noticed for the opportunities (jobs, promotions, raises) you want. But your career’s brand could be doing all that for you. That’s exactly why we’re going to rebrand your career, starting now. Right now. And you’re going to start feeling the difference in under a month.

I promise.

Meet The Career Rebrand

The Career Rebrand is an 8-session, 1-on-1 program that will take every aspect of your career's current situation and upgrade it until you are the ideal candidate for the opportunities you want.

During The Career Rebrand, we will use your work experience, your personality (yep, who you naturally are), and your unique skill set to make you shine in the eyes of the powers-that-be and remove doubts they have that you deserve the opportunities you want.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • We’re going to rewrite your career story so that it leads you right into the opportunities you want.
  • Then we’ll upgrade your resume, your cover letter strategy, and all of your communication with potential employers (and your existing boss if you intend to stay where you are).
  • Then I’m going prepare you to slay the hell out of your interviews so you can stop being anxious and nervous about them (read: start running the show from the moment you walk through the door).
  • Then we’re going to boss up your networking game so you start making moves like you never have before.

We’re not going to stop there.

There’s so much more to a career rebrand than killing the game with your resume, cover letter, and interview chops. We also have to change how you approach your career and how you make your mark on your industry.

Your career is about so much more than the work you do at your desk. There are hidden areas you’re not tapping into that keep you getting treated like an “average” candidate. The people who nail these areas get treated like rock stars and get poached by companies that have big bucks to woo them, while everyone else (like you) is fighting for a call back.

You could be the rock star.

Imagine it: fancy lunches with companies you want to work for (or eating for free with companies you don’t want to work for). Having companies selling the job to you, instead of the other way around. Choosing between offers because, y’know, you have offers.

Not a bad life, huh?

Your career is about so much more than the work you do at your desk.

Understand This

I’m not talking about hustling really hard to get your next job, riding that out for a couple of years until you’re burnt out & hate your life, and have to start hustling all over again.

I’m talking about dominating your industry so that the next job and the next job—and the job after that—come to you.

I’m talking about having options now and later.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Then—because yes, we’re going to do more than that—we’re going to set you up to become a thought leader in your space.

Sound crazy? It isn’t.

You’d be great at the job you want—you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know that—but we need more people to see you in action.

Unless you’re open to selling tickets for people to crowd around your desk and watch the amazingness that is you crushing it at work everyday, we’re going to work on other ways to get key people in your industry know that you’re the boss you are.

Sound intense? It is.

Because this isn’t about you just getting a new job.

This is The Career Rebrand.

Welcome to The Career Rebrand!

The Career Rebrand works in two phases that aim to take you from “one of many” to “the one”.

phase 1

Killing Your Demons & Rewriting Your Narrative

During sessions 1–4, we will dig through your career back story and uncover areas you didn’t know could advance your career. Then we’ll immediately put them to work to make you a standout candidate.

We’ll combine your history of winning at work with the relevance of your unique skills to craft a seamless story that makes hiring managers start doing mid-interview mental math to raise what their first salary offer was going to be.

Demons feed on self-doubt. You know the best way to kill your demons? Starve them. We’ll remove your self-doubt and replace it with legit evidence that you’re overdue for the career level-up you want.

So, yeah, we’re going to feed your demons receipts until they starve to death.

Demons can’t live on the truth.

I have the receipts gif
napoleon dynamite gif

phase 2

Mastering Your Industry & Making Moves Within It

Your job lives in your office. Your career lives in your network. What are you doing to strengthen your network on autopilot? Nothing? Yeah, most people aren’t.

During sessions 5–8, we’re going to increase your industry reach so that more people know about you and your work than just the people who sit with you in those weekly-meetings-about-nothing-that-could-have-been-handled-via-email.

You’ll start surrounding yourself with people who give you a serious case of LinkedIn envy—who would love to meet you if they knew you existed—and build relationships with them. But first, we’re going to figure out how you’re going to meet them and how to start these relationships.

Does that sound just a little awkward? That’s probably because you’re thinking about networking like it’s a weird middle school dance.

It’s not. Unless you’re doing it wrong.

Even if the idea of networking makes you want to shit yourself, we’re going to level up your networking and follow through game—without the adult diapers.

How you’ll be killin’ the game by the time we finish The Career Rebrand

Throughout our 8 sessions you’ll be looking at your career entirely differently—and when we’re done, everyone else will be, too! By the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to start killing it in these key areas:

phase 1

Career storytelling that gets offers

Your career story is not just a bunch of bulleted items on your resume that highlight one or two KPIs.

That’s dry. And basic.

We’ll turn your work history, your hidden skills, your personality, and your achievements into a seamless story that strengthens your LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, and interview talking points.

Take my money

phase 1

Having real “paper appeal”

You don’t want to just meet the criteria on paper, you want to be the unicorn (yeah, I hate that word too—but you have to play the game to win it).

We’ll upgrade your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, portfolios, case studies, and any other public facing media that aren’t telling your story well enough to make people trip over themselves to interview you.

resume gif

phase 1

Growing and developing your network​

You have access to more people than you realize, but you’re not making use of the hard work you’ve done to be in the right places at the right times.

You’ll stop wasting the valuable resources in your network, start building stronger relationships with people who can seriously help your career, and comfortably grow your network to include more people who can increase your opportunities.

I'm networking gif

phase 2

Owning the interview

An interview is not a one-sided interrogation—it’s the first human step in a new relationship. Don’t let them walk all over you.

Expect to confidently position yourself as the right person for the job—on the spot—while masterfully asking questions that force hiring managers to sell the role to you!

Serena Williams gif

phase 2

Not getting ghosted

Why bother writing the perfect cover letter—that you made 15 people proofread—only to get ghosted after applying for the damn job?

Stop applying for roles and not hearing anything back (no, a “thanks for applying” auto reply email doesn’t count). You’ll start using strategies that get you non-awkward human contact for jobs you’re serious about.

Ghostbusters gif

phase 2

Leveraging thought leadership

People shouldn’t have to work with you to know that you’re good at what you do, so let’s get out there and show them what makes you such a beast!

We’ll take your work experience and use it to make your mark as a thought leader, showing people who have never heard of you why they need to know about you.

Thought leadership gif

The Career Rebrand is a one-on-one program

This isn't a course that you struggle through on your own. You and I will be working through your challenges to increase your demand and make you more hireable, even when you're not looking for work.

This is how you get offers without applying for jobs.


Pick the best way for us to work together

Both the Signature Program and Intensive Program are designed to help you see results within the first few sessions. You’ll see the best results when you come to each session with last session’s assignments completed.

Note: The Intensive Program is intense! Only consider this program if you can commit 5–10 hours a week to The Career Rebrand Intensive Program.

I guess it’s time I Introduce myself

Naya the Creative

I'm Naya the Creative, your guide through The Career Rebrand

Hi! I’m Naya. I am a Brand Therapist, international speaker, writer, all around creative, and lover of GIFs. I’ve been handling internationally acclaimed brands, household name brands, and niche brands, for 10 years. I’m currently based in New York City.

My mission is to help you use your personality, passion, and personal experiences to materialize your ideal lifestyle via entrepreneurial success, career elevation, and/or personal development & fulfillment.


Are sessions in person?

Nope! Thanks to technology, we can have sessions virtually. You and I can speak on the phone, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Skype.

How often will we meet?

You and I will meet every other week. If you need changes in your career very quickly, then the Intensive Program is the right choice for you, where sessions are weekly.

I don't have experience in the field I want to be in. Can you still help?

Yep! Experience is transferable—if you know how to sell it. It would help if you at least know why you want to be in this field and have some sort of idea why you’d be good at the work you want to do.

Does it matter what level I am in my career?

Not really. What level you’d like to reach right now matters more. However, if you’re looking for help getting your very first entry-level job, this program might be a little heavy-handed for you.

I want to get promoted at my current company. Will this help with that?

Most of the techniques to leveling up your career apply to internal promotions and external offers. However, you may have more work to do in changing people’s minds at this company. Success internally depends on what your experience and reputation have been at this place.

So, to be clear, I'm not just hiring you to redo my resume, right?

You’re getting a full rebrand of your career. All of your professional pieces of collateral (resume, cover letters, Linkedin, etc) will get an upgrade. But, none of that stuff gets you hired—those just get you in the door for an interview (which I’ll also be helping you with). Then I’ll help you raise your profile in your industry so that you’re already laying the foundation for your next job—even if it’s a promotion at the company you just got hired at.

start now

Start rebranding your career!

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