"I've never heard of brand therapy, but I think I need it!"

Yep! That's what most people say—and they're usually right. Brand therapy can help you make changes in your career, grow your business, and even improve your company culture. Let's look at your options...

Hi! I'm Naya the Creative.

I help my clients use branding to grow their businesses and to get better opportunities in their 9–5 careers—and even to hire the right employees.

"I want to change or upgrade my career"

Resume Guide Cover

There are a few steps to changing fields without starting over. Here’s step 1…

Step 1: use my free guide, Turn Your Resume into an Opportunity Magnet. If you know your background doesn’t match the competition, it’s time to learn how to be the right fit, but standing out. After the guide, decide between doing a Career Brand Audit or building your Library of Success™. Or do both.

"I want to grow my freelance or solopreneur business"

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Charging low prices to get clients, but they still won’t commit? Yeah, stop doing that.

Grab my free course, Raise Your Prices & Get New Clients #AtTheSameDamnTime, that helps you work less while raising your prices. I’ll even show you where to find clients who’ll pay the higher prices. You’re about to change your business for the better!

"My company is struggling to hire & retain good talent"

Diverse Employees

Employer Branding to the rescue!

A strong employer brand communicates what makes your company great for employees. It what attracts potential employees to you and it keeps them on board for the long haul. Reach out to me directly to discuss what’s happening at your company.

So uh...what exactly is brand therapy?

(Funny enough, I'm usually the one on a couch.)

Brand therapy is a way to help a brand through a transition. That transition could be going from no one knowing your name to having clients lined up to work with you—or having multiple employers handing you big dollar offers all at once. Same idea, really.

If you want people to treat the thing that makes you money (your career or your business) differently than they do now, your brand needs to transition.

As a brand therapist, I facilitate clarity and help you take real actions during your brand transition. Successful branding, especially for niche brands, is personal. Your brand stems from your personal story, the personal story of the brand’s founder, or even the personal story of an ideal client. Your story, messaging, purpose, and actions connect you with your target audience—no matter who they are.

We all intend to sell—in business, in our careers, and in our personal lives. We are consistently selling an idea or a perspective and need other people to get on board so we can meet our goals.

Any experienced branding expert can tell you that people connect with people, not products or services. Whatever we’re selling needs to come from something that, at the very least, feels human.

That’s the purpose that brands serve.

A brand needs personality. It needs character. And, like most people, it probably needs therapy. Not because it’s broken, or depressed, or failing, but because in order to connect with others, it needs to confidently be who it is. Only then can it successfully serve its audience.

My not-so-secret talent

I work very well with creative folks who have multiple passions and can’t quite figure out how to bring their ideas together cohesively. Seriously, I’m like a freakin’ creative-type whisperer. It’s part of what makes me such a great brand therapist.

And, no, I’m not shy about saying how good I am at my job. I think everyone should feel confident about the good they do in the world—I’m just leading by example 🙂

Head over to my Resources page and grab a freebie to help elevate your career or freelance / solopreneur brand.

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