Side Hustle Commitment Therapy

Profess your passion. Produce more profit.

(Three sessions = $379)


There’s that thing you do on the side of your 9-to-5 (or until you find your next “day job” because times are hard) but it’s not taking off the way you want it to. With a renewed sense of commitment, or a first time commitment, we will change that.

I’ve been there. Working all day (my last “9-to-5” really cost me 12 hours on a good day) and having no energy for a social life, networking, dating, and working on my side hustle almost stopped me from living the life I wanted. But I created a strategy that allowed me to leave my day job and turn my side hustle into a lifestyle that I’m excited about. I can make that strategy work for you.

You don’t need to quit your day job—you may actually like it—but I know you’d like to see where things can go when you give your time to something you’re passionate about. If this is something you really care about, then it would be a real shame if you never gave it a chance to be an important part of your life.

During Side Hustle Commitment Therapy we will create a plan that will transform your side hustle from something you give just a little time, into something that the right people know you for.

Side Hustle Commitment TherapySide Hustle Commitment Therapy

During Side Hustle Commitment Therapy, we will:

  • Identify the blockages that are keeping you from committing to your side hustle in a meaningful way. They’re usually not what you think they are.
  • Create a timeline of achievements to help you meet the goals we set. These will fit into your existing schedule because I know your time is precious.
  • Develop an attainable vision that you will work towards after our therapy sessions have ended.


After completing Side Hustle Commitment Therapy, you will have achieved small goals, a milestone goal, and will be able to clearly identify a path to turning your side hustle into a practical career option—if that’s what you want.


Side Hustle Commitment Therapy is made up of three (3) sessions:

  • We’ll spend our first session identifying your current situation and setting attainable goals.
  • Our second session is about focusing on the most relevant and fruitful opportunities while refining your approach to hitting that milestone goal.
  • We’ll spend our third session celebrating you hitting your milestone goal and creating a plan for your next steps.


Side Hustle Commitment Therapy is best for those are passionate about something they actually do, but can’t find the appropriate space for it in their current lives. If that sounds like you, let’s start making some room.


Commit to your passion: Invest $379





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