Long-Term Coaching

Real Talk

Long-term coaching isn't a starting place.

We won't know "how long it will take" until we start doing the work.

(tl;dr: Don’t assume you need 6-12 months of weekly meetings to get results. I start clients with one of these.)

I’m in the business of launching plans into action — fast. This is why my clients see results and feel changes very early in our coaching relationship.

It doesn’t take us long to start making impact.

I work with decisive people who take action on what they want.

That energy + me helping you think through your next steps = power-couple level magic!

My VIP Coaching process gets you in motion in your first 30 days. Intentionally.

Expecting results to take 6-12-18 months will make them take 6-12-18 months. #ParkinsonsLaw.

My clients don’t always need cookie-cutter coaching timelines to reach their goals.

But, when long-term support will help a client sustain long-term changes, we tailor that support.

Long-term support may look like conventional sessions. Or it may look like client-convenient check-ins when you need them. What works for you may be different than what most coaching programs offer. Let’s lean into that.

Since we don’t know each other like that — yet — we will set your long-term plan at the 30-day mark of 1:1 VIP Coaching.

If you even still need a long-term plan 😉

To begin a coaching relationship with me, start with 1:1 VIP Coaching here.

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Contact me if we've worked together in the past and you'd like a long-term coaching invitation.

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