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Talking about yourself is really hard.

Writing about yourself is even harder, but it still has to get done.

Doesn't mean you have to be the one to do it...

your current situation

"It's all happening so fast!"

Just the other day, you were a regular person with a job and some good ideas.

Now people know your name, think your ideas are great, and want to talk to you.

Suddenly, you need a new bio, you need to update your website, and you need "contribute to the conversation" on social media, and update all your accounts.

You have to start talking about you!

Suddenly, you — and your thoughts — have to have a brand presence.

What the hell!?

The focus is supposed to be on the work — not the woman behind the work. But people don’t seem to be getting that memo.

Speaking of memos, it seems like everyone wants some kind of write up from you! Your bio, your company story, an about page that dives deep into who you are, a personal statement, a cover letter, something about your work history — it’s exhausting! Plus, you need to update your website with all this stuff you’ve been doing recently!

Who has time for all this self-promotion?

If you had a few weeks just to put it all together, you could! Probably. But, the train has already left the station and you don’t have that kind of time. Also, whoever said success doesn’t come overnight, should have warned you that industry fame can happen overnight.

The truth is, even you know that if you had time to get this whole brand thing together, you’d still need help. Talking about yourself is hard. Sure, you can talk about the work all day, but you?

Well, what is there to say?

My bet: there’s plenty to say about you. You just don’t know what people need to hear. And, frankly, you’d be too humble to actually say those things out loud.

Oh, and here come the opportunities you’re now eligible for that require you to write even more about yourself. Ugh. It was fine when all you needed was that same stale bio you’ve been using for most of your career. It’s something else when you’re being introduced in rooms where you never thought your name would be spoken.

Now you’re realizing that you set the tone for how people speak about you and your work. You’re recognizing that what you put out there about yourself starts the conversation about you. You want to control that narrative powerfully, rather than let people decide who you are and talk about you — and your work — however they see fit.

You did not work to get into the big leagues so you could curate and manage your perfectly polished brand perception. But, your intuition is telling you if you don’t get to polishing and self-promoting effectively (and quickly), you won’t be in the big leagues much longer.

Your intuition is right.

Though, I’m sure you already knew that.

It's your story. Yours.

Your brand message is the story of the mark you’re making on the world.

It’s tricky to craft it because your brand message is not just about you and your past, it’s about how what you do affects the world. It doesn’t feel humble to write and it’s easy to feel like you can’t get the words right. I get it. You’re not alone.

Still, it’s worth controlling your narrative and telling your story, your way. After all, you didn’t build a career just for someone else to use their words to decide how you’re seen. Words mean things and, in this case, they may mean the difference between you advancing your mission and someone using their version of your story to push their agenda.

your Future situation

You just want to put your best foot forward.

You've been doing great work — and people know it!

You don't want to let all that down by saying the wrong things about yourself — or taking so long to get these documents together that you don't say anything at all!

That's how you lose opportunities.

You may not be “there” yet, where you have an in-house branding and marketing team at your disposal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need support. And you deserve that support.

Fancy brand messaging isn’t just for the already-super-famous.

Your brand message deserves to be out there in the best way possible — and it shouldn’t keep you up all night trying to get it done.

Your brand presence should be making life easier for you. It should give people the right things to say about you. Building your brand presence isn’t your life’s work, but a strong brand presence could be the key to people knowing anything about your life’s work at all.

And when you finally have your brand cleaned up, you can know you’re always saying the right things about yourself. You’ll even have documents that instruct people (who are writing on your behalf) how to write for you. Your brand messaging doesn’t have to be yet another thing that only you can do. Once we start working together, you can delegate taking about yourself — on a regular basis!

Imagine that!

How it Works:

Step 1

1-on-1 Brand Therapy

Let's figure out which story we're telling.

You and I will talk. I’ll ask a bunch of questions — several of which you’ll be pondering for the first time in your life. It’s OK. Don’t try to come prepared, because, well…you can’t prepare for this.

Step 2

Research and Receipt Stacking

You don't need more experience. You need better receipts.

We’ll take inventory of your brand assets, then I’ll dive into research. When we meet for session 2, I’ll share my findings and give you a game plan of how I intend to position you.

Step 3

Yay or Nay

Let's look behind door Number 1.

I’ll prepare a strong first draft of your new positioning. You’ll review it and we’ll hop on a quick call if you have any concerns or feedback, or if you just wanna chat — that’s cool, too!

Once that draft is green lit, I’ll move forward with a final draft of all your new positioning documents. At this point, you’ll put up your feet and let me get to work. You can check in if you have questions, but this part is up to me.

Step 4

The Pitch

You be the judge — of you!

We’ll have a final meeting where I pitch you, to you. I’ll show you how you’re going to pitch yourself to your new audience(s). I’ll hand over all your final documents and teach you how to use them. I’ll even help you strategize the best way to make a splash in your new market.

It has a name...

The Uncovered Brand™

The Brand Therapy and copywriting combo that uncovers your true brand and tells a story that puts your mission in the limelight, letting you control the narrative without having to write a single word of it!

There are levels to this...

Level 1

Level 1: I'm Comin' Out!

For the new girl on the scene who wants to set the record straight.

  • Brand Therapy Session
    • This is key to helping us get to know your brand. If you’re thinking “I don’t know what my brand is!” then get excited, because you’re about to find out. Oh, and it’s going to blow your mind!
  • Brand History + Deep Dive
    • We want to use everything you have going for you to tell a well-rounded story (don’t worry, we won’t get too personal). To do that, we’ll do a deep dive of all your brand can use to its advantage.
  • Brand Statement Write Up
    • Elevator pitch style overviews of your brand, ethos, and relevance to potential stakeholders (clients, partners, media partners, etc.).
  • Brand Narrative
    • This the story of your brand with a focus on your mission and impact goals. This is where we get a sense of who you are, in the context of why you’re in this space. This piece helps people respect what you’re doing and why.
  • Product & Service Ideas
    • I’ll present you with on-brand, products and / or services you can use to monetize your new brand
  • High-Impact Marketing Channel Outline
    • So you don’t go crazy  figuring out which marketing channels you should focus on, I’ll outline the best places for you to connect with and grow your audience
  • Low-Effort Marketing Plan Outline
    • Marketing can be easy, if you plan in advance. I’ll put together a brand-specific marketing plan designed to be low maintenance and easy to implement!
  • Brand Voice & Tone Guide
    • The key to a consistent brand tone is, well…being consistent! I’m going to groom you to delegate your brand writing (even after you stop working with me) without losing any consistency. This brand-specific voice and tone guide will lay out the rules for how to communicate on your behalf.
  • Profile or Brand Manifesto
    • This is a long-form piece of writing that captures your brand’s essence. This writing leads the conversation on who you are and what impact you’re making in the world. This piece will ideally live on your website or on a platform you control.
  • Profile Post + Introduction to My Audience
    • Consider this me showing you off! Once our work is complete, I’d love to show off the brand new you to my network! You’re welcome to share this content on your platforms, also!

Level 2

Level 2: I'm Every Woman

For the woman on the rise who's ready to make sales.

  • Everything included in Level 1, plus:
  • Product / Service Descriptions
    • Your existing and / or brand new service descriptions are getting a total makeover. When we’re done, they’ll be wrapped up in tailored words that accentuate all the best of its assets.
  • Product / Service Features & Benefits Write up
    • Features help a decision-maker understand what your service or product actually does, while benefits help them understand why those features are important to them. It’s the key to getting people to appreciate your offer on a personal level.
  • Your Client Self-Identification Narrative
    • This narrative will help potential clients / partners see themselves in your story and recognize how they’d like to play a part. This is also a great way to weed out people who are enamored by you, but aren’t a fit for working with you.
  • “This Could Be You” Story Copy
    • This incredibly important piece of writing will help potential clients / partners see what results they’ll get by being a part of your story. This is what usually makes people want to book a call with you.
  • A Medium Length Sales Page
    • Beyond giving you the words to help you make sales, we’ll order your steps and put a medium length sales page together. Generally, the goal of this sales page is to get people to book calls with you on autopilot, but, depending on the nature and price of your service, the page may make sales for you all on it’s own (without you having to get on calls).

Level 3

Level 3: Forget Me Not

For the woman making sales who needs a content upgrade.

  • Everything included in Levels 1 & 2, plus:
  • 1 “Meet the Brand” Email Series
    • An email series can warm up cold audiences and help them get to know you before getting on a call with them — all on autopilot. This email series runs for 2-3 weeks, leading to a clear call to action that benefits you.
  • 3 Blog Posts or 3 Podcast Episode Scripts
    • To springboard your ongoing content creation, you’ll get a few blog posts or podcast scripts to enhance your authority as a thought leader and help establish your place in your niche.
  • Content Creation Strategic Recommendations
    • You’ll also get additional topic and content ideas  to help you create content quickly and easily, saving you stress and brainstorming time.
  • 2 Video Scripts + Video Production Coaching
    • Your face is going to be out there, so let’s make sure it sounds as smart and accomplished as you are. You’ll get 2 video scripts to reintroduce you and help people put a gorgeous face to the name and mission.
  • 2 Personalized Outreach Emails
    • You’ll be sending quite a few reach-out emails, but you need people to take action on them. You’ll get two personalized templates, with subject line suggestions, to help you start new fruitful conversations that lead to link clicks, booked calls, and / or replies. 

Have we met yet?

Hi! I'm Naya the Creative, Founder of House of Brand Therapy.

I'll be your Brand Therapist!


I’m passionate about communicating with clarity, amplifying important messages, and helping you control your narrative.

And food. I’m passionate about food.

I am a Brand Therapist, writer, consultant, international speaker, all around creative, lover of GIFs, and world traveler. I’ve worked with internationally acclaimed Fortune 500 brands, household name brands, and niche brands, for over 10 years.

I’ve been writing my way out of trouble for years! OK, maybe not out of trouble, but I’ve definitely written my way into major opportunities over the years.
I love to help people show off the things that make them special — especially if they’re too shy or too humble to brag about their greatness. I’m looking forward to doing the same for you!
Sidebar: Since 2014, I’ve lived in SE Asia, Europe, and the US. Any votes on where I should live next?

You might have read my words in:


I have witnesses!

Naya was amazing!

Very encouraging, very supportive, and [our session] really inspired me to think — and know — that I can move forward with creating the massive brand that I want to as a filmmaker and producer.

She really does invest quality time into learning more about you and the brand that you want to carry.

Shonta Rogers

Filmmaker and producer

Naya's really direct with steering you in the direction your brand should go in!

I loved that Naya had a really easy way of talking and not judging you about your ideas or your brands. I’d say, true to her title, she does feel like a therapist.

For anyone interested in working with Naya—just go for it!

Janna Davis


I gained so much insight!

I was still unsure of the specific service I wanted to offer and speaking with Naya helped me narrow my focus and identify my niche.

She was patient, attentive and helped me develop a cohesive vision for my brand.

Now I feel more confident that I’m headed in the right direction!

Yuntalay Gadson


A Magical Reflection:

“You know that feeling you have when you have a dining experience that is healthy, balanced, satiating, nutritious, and delectable – so much so that you find yourself already plotting out when you’re gonna go back for more even before you’ve left the table?

That’s what a branding session is like with Naya. Just good!

She carefully listens to you and works to understand your goals. She meticulously unpacks what she heard and plays it back for you through her lens, taking what it is that you hope to achieve and making it her own for the time you’re working with her so she can mold, wrap, and deliver it back to you like the perfect gift.

In fact, it is a gift that she has and I’m fortunate to have crossed paths because the dovetail of the vision I have for my business, and the gift she has to brand it in a way that appeals to the masses, made me believe in magic again.”

– T

T. Turner

Artist, World Traveler, Tour leader

Get out of your own way!

Stop struggling to write the right thing and get it written for you, so you can go back to making the impact you were born to make!

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