You're in the right place if you want to change careers or rebrand your business—and you want my help getting it.

Let's rebrand your career so you can change fields without losing money, or rebrand your solopreneur or freelance business to reach an audience ready to buy from you, or reposition your employer brand so you can workforce with loyal and enthusiastic employees who live your company's mission.

Career Branding

Rebrand your career & change fields without losing a dime

Branding isn't just for businesses. Or is it?

You may not think of yourself as an entrepreneur—I get it—but allow to me point something out to you: your career is your business. Your career’s only job is to make you money.

Just as a business’s job is to make its owner money.

But do you treat your career like a business? I’m not asking if you treat your job like a business. I’m asking about your career.

Your career is bigger than any job you will ever have. Why don’t you treat it like the money-making machine it’s meant to be?

When you do that, you’ll be ready to enter a new market (read: change careers) without leaving money on the table.

My career branding resources and services will change how you approach your career. We can raise your profile in your industry, or create an easy transition to a new industry, so that you’re first in mind for jobs and other opportunities you want!

Of course, because this is your business, we’re raising your bottom line (a.k.a. your salary and other income) as well.

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Branding for Solopreneurs & Freelancers

Rebuild your brand so people know who you are—and buy from you

You have an awesome product—and it’s unique. No one else is doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it. Your audience will be so glad they found you (and they’re going to tell all their family and friends about you)!

One problem: not enough people know you exist.

The other problem: you’re kind of having a hard time explaining what you do in a way that shows them how special and unique what you’re doing really is.

You know what you’re trying to say, but the words just aren’t as impressive as you need them to be. And, even though you might know who your target audience is, you don’t always know exactly what to say to get them to follow you on Instagram or join your email list or hit the “buy now” button or book you for another gig—if we’re being honest.

My freelancer and solopreneur resources and services will help you tell your story so that your audience listens to and engages with you. If you had more followers, what would you say to get them to buy from you? If you met a potential client today, what would you say to get them to book you instantly?

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if people don’t know about it, don’t think it’s “for them”, or aren’t actually buying it. So, let’s get the word out and bring the dollars in.

Employer Branding

Build a loyal workforce of employees who love & live your company's mission

You run a company, or you’re responsible for bringing talented people into the company. Right now, you’re struggling a bit.

You might be having a hard time getting the right talent to apply to work at your company. Or your turnover is way too high and you can’t seem to keep people in the door.

Here’s a little secret: companies who can’t attract or retain good talent usually have weak employer brands.

You have a consumer brand; it’s the brand that customers engage with and makes them want to spend money with you. However, your employees and potential employees see a different side of you. It’s your job to make sure they see you in a positive light. That’s what employer branding is. It needs to be treated with a different kind of care.

I help employers build clear and authentic employer brands that make top talent want to apply to work for them and makes existing employees more loyal.

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