3 Ways to Pursue Your Passion Without Starting a Business

3 Ways to Pursue Your Passion Without Starting a Business Video Still Shot

A few weeks ago I hosted a free conference call to discuss some of your thoughts around finding your passion and figuring out how to pursue your passion. It looks like a lot of you were conflicted.

Seriously, once you know what it is, what are you supposed to do with your passion?

One of the questions that came up was along these lines:

“How do I know if I should make money from my passion? And, if not, how do I turn off the part of my brain that tells me, ‘it’s a waste of time if it’s not making me money’?”

That question stuck with me, long after the call. Entrepreneurship is such a popular topic right now and, at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, it seems like everyone who thinks that you need to find your passion also thinks your passion should make you a ton of money.

It seems the only way to pursue your passion is to become an entrepreneur—starting today!

It’s not.

You can find your passion, pursue your passion, start an entire platform with your passion—without starting a business—and you can still make more money or secure more opportunities if you want to.

I made a video that shows you three real life ways that you can start a passion project that opens up doors for you without having to start a business.

Make sure you watch the whole video because there’s a surprise challenge waiting for you at the very, very end of the video. It’s a quick challenge, but it could be a major step ahead for you.

3 Ways to Pursue Your Passion Without Starting a Business

Don’t forget to jump in the comments below with the passion you’re toying around with and why you’re afraid it might not work!

If you’re ready to check out part two of this series, check out this real life example of someone who has used his passion to change his life by creating his own opportunities without starting a business here: Use Your Passion Project to Create Amazing Opportunities For Yourself.

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