Meet Naya

Let me get all up in your business.

I’ve been working on brands and businesses for 10 years.

Starting my creative life as a musician, writer, and die-hard arts & craft junkie (before it was called DIY), I transitioned into a life of copywriting, art direction, and web development (UX + UI + front end)—working both in the US and UK.

After years in these spaces, I made the necessary evolution into a Brand Therapist. As a Brand Therapist, I help brands in transition become who they want to be so that they make meaningful connections with audiences on whose lives they can have the greatest positive impact.

It was after I spread my wings as a Brand Therapist that I founded Side Hustle Business School, built to help creatives and young people make their first dollars as entrepreneurs.

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What I’ve done, where I’ve been

Former clients you might know:
Virgin, Johns Hopkins, AutoTrader, Lloyds Bank

I’m smart thanks to:
Howard University, University of Westminster, University of Baltimore

Places I’ve dropped gems & major keys

Live Talks

  • Launch 22
  • Blogging While Brown
  • Mixed Company @ YR
  • Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship
  • Blavity’s Side Hustle Saturdays

Chances to flex my pen…er…keyboard


Places I’m Published

>> You can say hey (or you can invite me to lunch, if you’re in the NYC area) here!

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