Goal Planning Session Notes

Wanna peek at my goal setting session notes?

First, let me say, THANKS!


Thanks so much for coming to our goal setting session!

I hope you enjoyed yourself and are looking at setting goals, and how you talk about your goals, in a new light!

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Is it a Goal?

Goals vs Everyone

Remember, a goal isn't a goal just because you say you want it.

  • Want – a desire. There’s usually a reason behind it, but the reason can require introspection to identify. A want is not always defined enough to be a goal.
  • Idea – a thought of a different future. May not include steps to getting there.
  • Goal – a specific final destination. Usually requires steps to getting there.
  • Plan – steps or blueprint to achieving a specific goal.

Is it s.m.a.r.t.?

Make your goals SMART!

A S.M.A.R.T. Goal need to be:

Specific: target a particular area for improvement

Measurable: quantify or suggest progress metrics

Achievable: ensure you can achieve your goals with the given resources

Realistic: outline what results you can feasibly achieve using the available resources

Timely: highlight when your goal should be achieved

Set it. Don’t forget it.

How to set a goal

To set a goal, you need to be clear on the destination.

You don’t need to know why you want the thing, but the why can be motivating and can narrow down the destination.

If your goal is led by a deep-seated want, getting introspective can help clear up the why and, in turn, clarify the goal.

Without clarity goals are almost impossible to meet. If you don’t meet goals, how will you measure personal success?

This is why success is hard for people to define and why we often define it comparatively. “She’s so successful! She has a good job a great family and goes on vacations!”

But, does she feel successful? Does she feel satisfied with her life? Success isn’t just a good job, marriage, and kids. Success is intimate, personal, and specific.

Get Personal about your goals

Are you shooting for the right goal?

When thinking of a new opportunity, ask yourself: does this support my life satisfaction?

  • Travel?
  • Relationships & Friendships?
  • Health?
  • Art and creative interests?
  • Investing?
  • Food and dining and leisure?
  • Hobbies?
  • Family planning?
  • What else? List your other categories…


Then use these steps to build your goal into your daily life:

Step 1: State the goal
Step 2: Make it SMART
Step 3: Break down actions over 3 / 6 / 12 / etc. months
Step 4: Determine contingencies
Step 5: Break each month into weeks
Step 6: Create weekly milestones [with checklist]
Step 7: Create daily tasks
Step 8 (for later): Add to Outlook

What about pat?

Download a copy of Pat's profile

If Pat's story made you want to think about yourself objectively, mimic Pat's profile using your own truths.

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