Freelancer and Solopreneur Branding

I help freelancers, solopreneurs, and creatives attract and secure clients & opportunities that pay them well.

Your brand can attract customers who pay you good money, or folks who say you're too expensive and won't commit (but still try to pick your brain all day). Let's rebrand you so that you get new clients while raising your prices to the level that premium clients expect to pay!

Featured Program  |  The Foundational Rebrand

Get your brand in order—once and for all—and stop "starting over" every year!


The Foundational Rebrand

The Foundational Rebrand is my 8-session, 1-on-1 program designed to correct the parts of your brand that keep it from growing into a well-known, well-loved, and well-respected brand that people seek out and refer to their networks (even when they haven’t worked with you).

During this program, we will restructure the core of your brand. We’ll make your services more relevant, identify and attract a more profitable and appreciative target audience, and clarify your brand voice and presence so that you truly resonate with people who can afford you.

Yes, this program is about to get you in front of the right people so that you’re actually doing the work you want to do and charge the rates you actually want to charge (without defending your prices).

Looking for something else?

If someone sent you my way for one of my creative talents—like copywriting or design—contact me with info about your project (the work and your budget).

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