Branding Couples Retreat

Branding Couples Retreat

The Branding Couples Retreat


Write your brand story. Make more money.

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You brand has a story and you probably don’t know what it is—most people don’t. This is why people tend to think it’s easy to just “rebrand” when things start to get a little stale.

Your brand isn’t an actual living, breathing thing—but you should still treat it as if it is. People find it easiest to connect with the human characteristics found in a strong brand.


The Branding Couples Retreat is an opportunity for you to develop the human aspects of your brand. Yes, for the weekend, you and your brand will be a couple. You’ll be joined by just a few other “couples” as we work on a series of exercises during the weekend.

You should know: this retreat isn’t a physical retreat—no travel or hotels or packing suitcases. It’ll just be you and your brand hanging out wherever you feel comfortable and have reliable internet access.


In this weekend-long retreat, we’ll take your brand from “a name and a few products or services” and turn it into an entity that makes your audience see you as the only solution to their problems. Of course, this will earn you greater profits.


During the course of the weekend, you will:

  • Write your brand’s story and use it to assess your current brand identity for brand honesty
  • Create an applicable mission statement that will strengthen your business’ focus
  • Develop a brand statement that will guide all of your future brand related decisions so you don’t always have to start from scratch
  • Clarify your target audiences and determine some of your untapped markets/missed opportunities
  • Strengthen and/or expand your current product/service offering that will separate you from the rest of your market
  • Have one-on-one Brand Therapy sessions designed to find your brand’s true edge in the market
  • See your brand in a light you’ve never considered before


Tickets to the Branding Couples Retreat will be extremely limited. I’m doing this to make sure each couple gets enough attention to be able to make brand decisions without me after the retreat is over. I feel I can only do that effectively by keeping this retreat intimate.


So, let’s do this.


Getting your brand story right = more profit. But you have to be ready to do the work.


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