Brand Therapy Office Hours

This therapist makes house calls. And people love me for it.

Book me to work with members of your community, 1-on-1, at your office, co-working space, conference, or other group event. I've done these throughout 2019—they fill up fast and always have waiting lists.

Hear about Kelly's damn-near instant results:

Kelly smiling

I loved meeting you last week and have seriously taken your words to heart.

Even your recommendation that I use Twitter threads to share my thoughts because it aligns with my brand was so impactful already – I shared a thread like the day after we talked, and the next day Teen Vogue asked me to write a whole piece on it!

Kelly Gonsalves

Sex and Culture editor, MindBodyGreen

Why Brand Therapy Office Hours?

Looking to add value to your event or conference? Need more engagement at your co-working space? Want more for your community? I can help.

Why people are struggling

When it comes to brand assistance, you’ve traditionally had two options: brand strategy and brand consulting.

Brand strategy is great if you already have a sense of who your brand is and why people (who don’t know you yet) are going to spend money with you.

Brand consulting is great if you know what to ask your consultant. However, if you don’t know exactly who your brand is, or who’ll care about it, you can’t ask the right questions.

Which means you’re basically screwed.

I’m exaggerating. Slightly.

How I help

In my Brand Therapy Office Hours, I sit with brand owners and help them get to the bottom of the nagging issue that keeps them from launching, growing, or getting the results they know they can get—but haven’t gotten yet.

We talk about everything from social media and websites, to communicating with the right sponsors, re-framing products and services, and even how to position yourself for a new career path.

People leave sessions finally understanding the root of their problems and actually knowing how to solve them.

It’s pretty magical.

"I had a very thorough, very insightful session with her...she was amazing!"

[Naya] was very encouraging, very supportive, and [our session] really inspired me to think—and know—that I can move forward with creating the massive brand that I want to as a filmmaker and producer.

She really does invest quality time into learning more about you and the brand that you want to carry.

Shonta Rogers

Filmmaker and producer

"So happy to have met with Naya!"

I had a lot to figure out about my brand, and Naya was great at asking the right questions to help get me on track. In just a short time, she was able to help me focus on what I need to define first in order to execute the next steps of my branding strategy.

She gently asked questions that allowed me to reflect on what I want my brand to be, allowing me to make the right steps to move forward without feeling overwhelmed by possibilities. I enjoyed Naya’s ability to quietly listen and then provide genuinely useful insights and feedback

Beth Kaiserman

Food Writer, Forbes

"That was a gift"

I was impressed by your ability to cut through what I was talking about quickly, and pretty accurately, having just met me. And I was honestly felled by your listening skills. At one point you very neatly echoed back / summarized what I’d been talking about. And it was crystal clear you’d heard me, and were listening actively.

I think I noticed that in particular because so often these days I don’t feel like people are listening actively. Even in my actual therapy sessions, Drs. appointments, work meetings etc. So that was a gift. 

J. Daly

Designer & Writer

Here's what your community can expect from Brand Therapy Office Hours:

(I won't ask about your relationship with your mom. Unless she's your business partner.)

Brand Therapy can help you if:

  • Potential clients won’t commit to working with you
  • You keep attracting clients who want work that you don’t want to do anymore (or never wanted to do)
  • Your website doesn’t convince people why they should buy from you (even if it is a pretty website)
  • You feel socially awkward on social media
  • You’re struggling to get new job you want, the promotion you deserve, or those speaking engagements you should be booking

In our 30-minute session, we can work through:

  • Using your brand to get the opportunities you want
  • Rebranding so that you’re not all over the place
  • Developing a brand voice that the right people love
  • Updating your brand‘s look and feel so that it looks modern, clean, and professional
  • How to be authentic on social media so that you’re excited to post and socialize
  • Choosing a social channel that will grow your brand

"Highly recommend her—Naya's awesome!"

I loved that Naya had a really easy way of talking and not judging you about your ideas or your brands. I’d say, true to her title, she does feel like a therapist.

For anyone interested in working with Naya—just go for it!

Janna Davis


Ready to bring Brand Therapy Office Hours to your space? Let's get started here.

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