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Brand Therapist. Side Hustle Champion.

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…also the Founder / CEO of Side Hustle Business School

Author of How to Hire Your Digital Dream Team

Speaker at Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship (#BSOEcon) 2017

Speaker at Blogging While Brown 2016

You may know me from TIME, Freelancers Union, Blavity, Jopwell, or one of the conferences or events where I’ve run my mouth on a stage.

I was probably wearing a big gold chain that said #BOSS.

Hey you!

I’m Naya the Creative, a Brand Therapist and fixer of creative problems. If you’re a brand owner who is struggling to create or transform a brand you manage, your personal brand, or your career brand, you may be a perfect candidate for Brand Therapy with me.

I also work very well with creative folks who have multiple passions and can’t quite figure out how to bring their ideas together cohesively and with business owners who love what they sell but struggle to make other people love it as much as they do.

It wasn’t a straight path though…

I started my creative life as a musician, writer, and die-hard arts & craft junkie (before it was called DIY). I transitioned into a life of copywriting, art direction, and web development (UX + UI + front end)—working both in the US and UK. I’ve made a lot of things.

After years in these spaces, I made the necessary evolution into a Brand Therapist. As a Brand Therapist, I help brands in transition make meaningful connections with audiences who are looking for, appreciate, and can afford to work with their brands. It’s a really humbling way to use my hustle mentality and creative muscles to help people succeed just by being who they are.

It was after I spread my wings as a Brand Therapist that I founded Side Hustle Business School, built to help creatives and young people make their first dollars as entrepreneurs.

>> You can get in touch with me here, or keep scrolling to learn more 🙂

So uh…what is brand therapy?

Brand Therapy is a method of developing a brand that is in transition. A popular transition is the process of going from unknown in a target market completely, to becoming a desirable option in that market. Equally, it can be a complete brand reinvention.

But, please, don’t call it a rebrand. People don’t know what that really means.

As a Brand Therapist, I offer support, comfort, and I facilitate clarity during this brand transition. Successful branding, particularly for niche brands, is personal. It stems from a personal story of a founder or the personal story of an ideal persona who belongs to the target demographic. That story, that message, and that purpose, can all create a bridge for connecting the target audience with the product.

We all intend to sell—in business, in our careers, and in our personal lives. We are consistently selling an idea or a perspective and need other people to get on board with our goals. Any experienced branding expert can tell you that people connect with people, not products or services. Whatever we’re selling needs to come from something that, at the very least, feels human.

That’s the purpose that brands serve.

A brand needs personality. It needs character. And, like most people, it probably needs therapy. Not because it’s broken, or depressed, or failing, but because in order to connect with others, it needs a sense of who it is. Only then can it know how to best serve its audience.

That’s why Brand Therapy exists.

If you’d like to get started with Naya the Creative, briefly introduce your brand here and she will get back to you ASAP.

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