About Naya

About Naya

Naya the Creative

Brand Therapist. Side Hustle Champion.

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Creator of House of Brand Therapy & Side Hustle Business School

Author of How to Hire Your Digital Dream Team

Speaker at Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship (#BSOEcon) 2017

Speaker at Blogging While Brown 2016

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Side Hustle Business School

Hey you!

I’m Naya. I’m a Brand Therapist whose mission is to help you use your personality, interests, and personal experiences to manifest your ideal lifestyle via entrepreneurial success, career elevation, and personal development.

You can hire me to be your Brand Therapist via House of Brand Therapy.

I help my clients overcome their existing and upcoming obstacles though sophisticated branding techniques, which help them position themselves as the best people to offer their unique sets of abilities.

I work very well with creative folks who have multiple passions and can’t quite figure out how to bring their ideas together cohesively and with business owners who love what they sell but struggle to make other people love it as much as they do.

Here are some of my thoughts on branding:

I’m also all about having a side hustle, which I think is key to nurturing your passions or starting a business in your spare time.

I do a lot of work to help people develop their businesses from the idea stage. Most of the things we learn, we learn from the very beginning—but that isn’t the case with entrepreneurship. There are free resources all over the place, but they don’t start everyone off at the beginning of the journey.

I offer several resources to help people, on a personalized level, start building the business they want as side hustles, so they can start building the right reputation as they develop their products and services.

Here are some of my side hustle resources:

If you haven’t worked with me yet, here are a few good reasons to change that:

  • 10 years of experience in agencies, in-house digital production teams, and teaching digital media;
  • Worked on brands such as AutoTrader, Virgin, Lloyds Bank, Johns Hopkins;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Media Production & Master’s Degree in Publications Design;
  • I make things very easy to understand, regardless of your technical abilities;
  • I’ll always be honest with you.


Need expert, 1-on-1 help with turning your passion into profit? Check out Side Hustle Commitment Therapy or learn how you can work with me on developing your brand.